Pregnancy Yoga in Rotterdam

Learning to relax in a period when a lot is changing for you. Having faith in the wisdom of your body. And surrender to what pregnancy and childbirth ask of you. That is what our pregnancy yoga in Rotterdam is aimed at.

Saturdays from 11.00 – 12.15 hrs

Bodhi Yoga
Relaxation – key to awareness

Why pregnancy yoga? 

With the growth of your baby in your womb, many things in your life change,  physically, emotinally, mentally and even spiritually. Pregnancy Yoga helps you to consciously experience your pregnancy and to prepare for childbirth. You’ll learn how to experience your pregnancy in relaxed surrender and to trust the wisdom of your body, also during labour.

Pregnancy Yoga…

  • …teaches you various ways to relax. Through the body and the breath the mind becomes calm. When the mind is calm and the body relaxed, you’ll naturally feel what is required in the moment. Even in difficult or adverse moments you’ll have the tools to surrender and move along with what nature brings. 
  • …brings awareness in the unparalleled qualities of the breath when it comes to relax, find space within, reducing pain and giving strength from within. When coping with the dilation contractions, but also when you feel restless, tired, nauseous or when you are in pain. 
  • …helps you bring the awareness wherever she is needed. In a very compassionate way this helps you deal with pain and discomfort, such as labor pain, back pain, physical or mental agitation and high/low blood pressure.
  • properly distribute your energy so that you can do the things you have to do without getting exhausted.
    Naar een gezond gewicht
    About the course

    What does pregnancy yoga entail?

    The yoga classes consist of physical excercises, breathing exercises, inner awarenes and theory, all helping you to connect with and become aware of your body and your baby. The breath has a central position in the course. In every exercise the movement and breath are related and practiced as a unity. The breath carries the movement, brings space, lightness and strength from within. As a result, you’ll move in a relaxed way, even in more challenging exercises.

    The exercises are tailored to the pregnant body and can be done safely until the end of pregnancy. Even if you’ve never done yoga before. The seemingly simple exercises have a profound effect. Listening to your body and relying on your own possibilities, adapting excercises to suit you better, of even getting out of the pose, is always paramount and encouraged throughout the classes. 

    Bodhi Yoga

    Partner classes

    Always make sure someone who loves you is there to support you when you give birth. Having a partner present who supports and guards you, massages and reassures you, creates the atmosphere for you to surrender. To turn inwards and go with the flow of labour.

    Every last class of the month is a partner class. The lessons are very hands-on in nature, with useful tips and a touch of humour. You will learn different relaxation and breathing exercises that you can do together, postures to cope with contractions, possible birth positions and simple massage techniques to relieve pain, tension or discomfort. The partner classes are highly appreciated for spending quality time together during pregnancy and much appreciated through their effective simplicity. 

    If your partner cannot come along or if you do not have a life partner, you can always bring someone else to these classes (mother, sister, a good friend). Someone you feel comfortable with.

    Rather take private partner lessons? You can now also book a package of 3 private partner lessons at Bodhi!



    practical information

    Good to know:
    • Minimal duration of the course is 3 months, during which 3 major themes are addressed. 
    • English classes are given on Saturday mornings from 11.00 – 12.15h 
    • If you’re unable to join the English class, then you can always switch to one of the other classes (provided that there are free spots). Please bear in mind that these are in Dutch though.  
    • Every last lesson of the month is a  partner class. You can find the exact dates on our schedule (see under ‘Yoga’)
    • The course can be started between your 13th and 25th week of pregnancy.
    • The ideal moment to start or take a trial lesson would be at the start of each month. 
    • Of course, you can always book a trial class first. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take your first or trial lesson when there’s a partner class scheduled.
    • The excercises can be safely practiced at any stage of pregnancy. No prior yoga experience required.
    • If you have any physical issues, please contact your midwife or physiotherapist.
    Hatha yoga Chandra
    • The pregnancy yoga course in Rotterdam costs €65,– per month (including 3 regular classes and 1 partner class per month).
    • The course lasts from your starting date until 2 weeks before the due date. 
    • In case of 5 Saturdays per month, 1 lesson will fall out. This will be shown on the class schedule. 
    • Past 25 weeks of pregnancy and still want to start? Please contact us for the possibilities.
    • It is highly recommended to start early in pregnancy, so that there will be plenty of time to incorporate the excercises on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. So that your intuition can lead you through pregnancy, birth and beyond.
    • It is safe to participate until labor starts!
    • Private partner lessons are also possible! We then tailor the lessons to your needs and questions. A package of 3 lessons of 75 minutes each costs €275.
    • We are affiliated with the Dutch Association of Yoga Teachers (VYN) and have an AGB code*.

    * Pregnancy yoga is often (partially) reimbursed by health insurers. Ask your insurer how this applies to you.

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